Saturday, August 2, 2014

Play day with Champ!

Boy, did I have a blast this morning! My friend Glenn and his SWMBO came over and they brought Champ with them!!!!!

Champ's a little older than me and a few pounds lighter, so TBG told me to take it easy with him. I did the best I could, but there were a couple times I rolled over Champ just from sheer momentum!

The cool thing about Champ is that he has giant springs in his legs!

and Glenn was all too good about tossing toys for us!

Here comes the Frisbee...

I've got tone and a lock...

Nailed it!!

After a lot of running, we went inside to cool off and Champ showed me the proper way to play Tug of War! Somehow, I don't see TBG holding me like that anytime soon!

Finally, I was showing everyone some of my commands.

Thanks to Glenn and Diana for coming by and bringing Champ to play! You guys are always welcome at my dog house :-)

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