Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trying to get caught up!

I have been soooo busy the last few days. One last item to post and I'll be caught up.

TBG and I went to his PT appointment this week and girl...did I have a blast. You see, everyone there loves me and sometimes they fight over who gets to play/pet me. While TBG was crying like a little baby as he was getting beat up (his words, not mine), I got to go with one of the PT's who I've been talking to now for 2 months. She knows my commands and got to show me around the place. Let's just say I made TBG proud and rocked it baby!!

I even got to work on the same exercises that TBG was doing. I made him look bad :-)

No one bothered to take any pictures, so I found this one from another trip to PT

Thanks for helping train me "N"!

Oh yeah, we also went to Lowe's today. Worked the usual stuff and TBG found a really scary place for me to try. I've worked on this before and am getting better, but it's still a little unnerving to walk around on this metal!

Time to fill out my monthly report, see you all later!


  1. PJ, you have certainly been busy!!! Mama Debbie took me back to Lowe's this week. I did pretty good but not as good as when you were here for me to follow. Mama Debbie does have a very very very funny story for you but it is to long for this post so you will have to hear it when you come down here again next week. Yahoo!! Heard you were coming back for the Airport Field Trip. I have never been there so will need to follow your lead..HAHAH - get it??? I will let you know how I get along with all the horses we will see this weekend. Mama's Debbie and Linder told me I have to be really good cause I will be with Santiago. Whoever that is...........Your adoring friend, Darius II

  2. What a good girl you are, PJ! I have been to PT several times with Dante and Moray and they all LOVED the puppies! One even took a ton of info to give to one of his other patients who was looking for a service dog!


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