Friday, August 8, 2014

MCI Training

Otherwise known as the Kansas City International Airport! THAT is where TBG and I spent an evening working with the TSA agents.

We got to go through the security checkpoints multiple times! It was a great learning experience for us pups and the TSA folks as well! We switched it up and I got to work with Roxanne and TBG worked with Liza.

Liza setting off the buzzers! or maybe TBG's steel plate in his ankle.

I had NO problems, of course!

I got lots of "pats"

No problem here, pat down Roxanne all you want!

We were also treated by having Duke from KSDS join us at the airport! What a looker...hubba hubba!

I think TBG was holding up the line again!

TBG was showing Liza how to check in.

I already knew how, so no need for a lesson for me.

Look at those long flowing golden locks of fur.....

Huge thanks to Gary for setting up the training and being so helpful!

Duke was laughing at TBG!

Duke really had fun with this little human.

I love my Auntie Linder!

The next morning, we had some breakfast at a very nice Cafe.

And then we surprised Darius at Met Life before we headed back to Ames.

Upon our return to Ames, TBG gave me a gift from Auntie Linder!

How come Snoopy gets a glove and I don't??


  1. Well it's good to know T.S.A. doesn't discriminate LOL!

  2. Champ thinks this looks like tons of fun!


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