Monday, August 4, 2014

Field of Dreams

You know how us dogs love green grass right? Well, I got to visit the greenest grass in Iowa. Some say it's as magical as the corn! TBG, Dr.No and I made the trek to the Field of Dreams movie site yesterday. On the way there, we saw...Corn, Corn guessed it, more Corn! TBG kept telling me though the our final destination had "magic" corn. Well, you know I thought he'd finally cashed in his animal crackers right. Really? magic corn????

                                                                    Anywho, we finally arrived at the coolest place.

We walked around and met folks and worked on some commands. There were a LOT of kids...everywhere! And GRASS, oh this beautiful, soft green grass!

Yeah, I can do an "up" on anything...even chicken arms!

Ok, this is something I learned from my buddy Champ. How to train your human. Ahh, a little more to the left there bub!

Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie with NO opposable thumbs?

Before the "real" game, everyone was allowed to play on the field. I went out to left field. As I was posing for this picture I heard..."Go the Distance" I wonder what that means?

Of course I wanted to get in on the action. I'll call balls and strikes!
Whoops...that's a rip!

Then TBG says to be quiet and listen to the corn...the magic is about to happen!

Holy Great Danes, look what came out of the corn!!

and they proceeded to get a baseball game going, including some of the little kids!

I kept barking, "put me in coach!"

but alas, that darn lack of thumbs kept them from picking me! But I did manage to get to watch up close. That's a pop up guys!!!

Sadly, it was time to head home. So long magic long ghosts, we had a GREAT time!

Once we got home, TBG said he had one more surprise for me.

Is it Live......

Or is it Memorex?

Peace out.

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