Friday, October 25, 2013

TBG said I was going to the Vet to "play"

So, I wake up Wednesday morning and start my day. First thing that's weird is that TBG forgets to feed me. I kept giving him the "look", but nothing...he's just not getting it.

Then, he grabs my gear and I thought he said "we're going to the vet so you can play" Come to find out "PLAY" was NOT what happened!

All I can say is he dropped me off, I did meet Comet, but no play happened.They took me into a bright room and then I woke up with a shaved belly and stitches...along with a little pain. Oh well, must not have been too bad cause everyone was happy to see me wake up. I was a little stiff the rest of the day and yesterday, but I'm feeling pretty good today! TBG says no running or rough housing for a few days so I'm getting some crate time while he works on the house. It's been relaxing and nice having a beckencallboy to take care of my needs.

I did get to say goodbye to Comet when TBG came to pick me up.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hy-Vee and Petco

We went out for my first "real" trips into stores yesterday. Our 1st stop was the grocery.

                            Hey...anyone....I need some assistance using this device!

Here we are looking for toys.

Hey Deb, you want natural or sugar free applesauce?

Then we went to the grand opening of Petco! I was showing TBG how "springy" my rear is!

I got to meet Cy from ISU

Not sure about these little guys, the look a lot like my toys!

TBG said if I see these guys in the house, it's OK to eat them.


I find cats very strange.

How's this selfie?

Pretty pleaseeeee, can I have a new toy?

I have this "car" thing down!

and after a very exciting morning, I took a little Siesta. I love my bed! Notice I still have my ear to the ground in case I need to check on anyone.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Had a fun day today

My brackwinkles are almost gone, I'm 5 1/2 months old and my big dog cape arrived, so off we went to visit Ames.

Our first stop was the Farmer's Market.

Then we went INTO the Mall! I was very excited to finally strut my stuff around people.

Hey Deb, can I buy a nightie?

I wonder if this stuff works on brackwinkles?

After the Mall, we drove to a nearby Pumpkin Farm!

Talked to a lot of folks and got to show off my skills!

Hey TBG, I told you I was getting big.

It wouldn't be a trip to a Pumpkin Farm without the PUMPKINS!!

Once we arrived back home, I took a siesta...for about 3 hours!

Friday, October 11, 2013

I guess this means I have to stop acting like a "little" puppy!

Here I come Iowa...prepare yourself!

A little different from when I arrived in Kansas City.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm cuuute, he says I'm cuuuuuuuuuute!

Who can say no to cute puppy dog eyes?

How's this for a "visit" TBG??

Saturday, October 5, 2013

OK, so I had a good day too!

We made a run to the store looking to get some paint matched to do some house touchup. On the way there, I told Deb about a flyover I saw this past week while out running errands. I couldn't tell what it was, but knew it was a military aircraft from wars gone by.

Fast forward to going home today and as we passed the Ames airport, Deb noticed an open hanger and I caught a quick glimpse of that plane. We turned around and luckily, the owner/pilot was there having just returned from a flight.

This is a very cool T-34 owned and piloted by the inventor of the Kreg Jig (woodworking aficionados know this tool). He loves taking people with special needs up for fun flights!

It was cool to see the plane up close and talk to Craig. Thanks so much for what you do and spending time with Deb and I!

I can be reached at

PJ is so jealous that she was not there. Maybe next time little puppy!

Fun morning!

We got up, had breakfast and then went outside to my new run area. Wow, nothing like stretching the old legs after breakfast. I ran and ran and then ran some more!

After that we all went for a swim. It was my first time in the pool (except when I mistakenly jumped in head first last week) and while it was a little scary, I started getting comfortable in the water. Granted, I'm no Ansel, but I might get there!!

Time for a serious nap.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Not to toot my own horn, but....

TBG and I ran over to the Vet's office to get more medicine for these nasty brackwinkles on my face (yes, they are getting better and going away). After making the staff feel good and leaving another in awe at my mad skilzs, I talked TBG into letting me do a "car" command. I mean, I AM 5 months old and don't need help anymore.

So, without further you go Gabe!!

Oh yeah, I weighed in at 42.6 lbs.

Friday Fence Update

We're get'n close! My legs are itch'n to run free.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh Boy, Oh Boy...It's a big day in Ames!

TBG had kept it a secret, but the guys showed up today to build a fence... FOR ME!!

I'm so excited knowing that soon, I'll be running free as a lion (OK, within the confines of the backyard), but able to run nonetheless!

Here are some pics as they get started.

Updates will be posted as my play area progresses!

Man, these guys are fast!