Saturday, August 9, 2014

Welcome, New Readers!

We've become aware that we  have some new readers...welcome! We're glad you are enjoying PJ's blog. However, we want to give you just a little bit of history and context, if you will bear with us.

JEB: Deb (a.k.a. Dr. No; SWMBO--She Who Must Be Obeyed) graduated with Facility Dog, Jeb (the original) in February of 2000. Alas, there were no blogs back in the day, but you can see a picture of Jeb and Deb in this book: You can also read a story about Jeb in this book: (and no, we don't receive ANY royalties from sales!)

ANSEL III: After Jeb died in December 2008 (has it been that long, dear friend?), we took some time to grieve and then ended up becoming puppy raisers in the hope that we could raise "a Jeb" for someone else. Ansel III, that sniffalickasaurus, joined us in March 2010. You can read his blog here: or watch his "goodbye" video to see the entire puppy raising video condensed into a few minutes: Ansel graduated as a service dog and we hear from him and his forever person quite frequently!

CARVER II: This cuddlebug came to us in October 2011. Read his blog: or watch his goodbye video: Carver graduated as a service dog and we follow his forever person on FB and have chats quite often!

PJ III: Our first girl puppy will return to the regional center this fall. We're starting to think about appropriate songs for her "goodbye video" so we'd love to have your suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

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