Wednesday, March 26, 2014

TBGFZ continues

I'm really enjoying my TBGFZ (The Big Guy Free Zone)!

Last night my buddy (camera hog) Leitner Dale told me we were going somewhere very special to him.  His Grandma used to live there and he has been going to visit the residents twice a month for almost 6 years!  He said they love him...........well now they love me too.  We had so much fun.............made them lots of love...........and treats!!!  
By the way, I am now very comfortable with wheelchairs, motorized chairs, and walkers.  Leitner was showing off some of his skills and I was helping him.  Did lots of visits, laps, ups and general hugs and love.  Aunt Linder will tell you all about my visits and laps that had everyone laughing so hard there were tears in their eyes.

It was fun, but I still miss you!!!!  

Love, hugs and kisses,

PJ the Comfort Puppy!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

SWMBO Says...

The ONLY good thing about PJ III being gone is that my black clothes stay black.

You talkin' smack about me, Dr. No?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day wishes from PJ

Received this message early this morning.

"Hi folks, last night Aunt Linder and Aunt Debbie went out to celebrate something called St. Patrick's Day.  Well they really just went to dinner.  Aunt Linder had to have some Corned Beef & Cabbage. Anyway, they brought this little hat home to me.  Pretty cute aren't I?  Of course the camera hog, Leitner Dale, had to get in the picture..............but he did not get a hat.  I am pretty special!!!!

Good Luck today!!!

Love and hugs and kisses,

PJ, your dog"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nobody said Spring Break meant "Work"!

Hey, please explain this Spring Break thing to me...I thought it would mean playing, eating, drinking, sleeping in late, etc...But NO, not only am I an intern (not getting paid) at Metlife, but two days in, Aunt Linder enrolled me in an Obedience Class! I tried telling her that I was already obedient, but she insisted...saying something about TBG's wishes or some nonsense. On top of all that work, I was forced to watch Darius go through his baby class...Oh the humanity!

Oh look, Darius is being held...Ooooo tough job!

Alright, we're here, might as well work.

Yep, I'm paying attention!

Hey Linder, let's walk this a way!

My new (temp) training home

Hey Aunt Debbie, make sure you walk right next to me.

I believe I deserve what's in your pocket!!

Gimme a treat, come know you want too!

Look deep into my eyes, you're starting to feel like handing over all the treats!

OK, how about if I make my eyes glow?

Assistant Distribution Clerk/Greeter, Metlife (and apparently, a student once more)

Friday, March 14, 2014

I think my dog is mocking me!

TBG out.

It didn't take long for PJ to settle into her new (temp) digs!

I get this from PJ...

"Oh boy…..what a day I've had.  I've probably met over 20 people today and been outside many times.  There’s no snow here and it’s very nice. 
My Auntie Linder took my photo for my new official MetLife badge.  It’s been nice knowing you TBG but I have an internship now.  Hope you can come visit some time.

Assistant Distribution Clerk/Greeter

Enjoy the "vacation" sweetie!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

TBG messed up big this time!

So yesterday TBG and I head out to a local park for a nice long walk and work with the playground equipment. It's going just fine until he misses the black ice while walking down the hill. Sadly, it did not end well for him. Luckily for him, I was the perfect pup and stayed by his side without pulling or lagging on the leash as he made his way back to the car (about 1/8 mile).

5 hrs later he arrives back home on crutches and says his right fibula has a clean break along with ligament damage. He goes in for surgery to put it all back together next week and will be laid up for some time.

On a good note, that means I get to spend some quality time in Kansas City with my Aunt Linder!! TBG didn't want me to miss out on my training and well, Aunt Linder LOVES me!

Aunts Debbie and Linder drove up towards Iowa today and picked me up at the State line. I'm gonna have sooo much fun with all my Kansas City pals! I'll try to keep the blog updated as time permits. Linder says I get to go to work with her...Yippeeee.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Debbie's home, Debbie's home!!!!

We dropped Deb off at the Des Moines airport last week on our way to Kansas City. It's just been TBG and I for the last few days. I like TBG and all, but after a few days he's kinda like rotting fish!

Anywho, we went to Des Moines this morning to pick her up. We got there a little early and was able to do some work.

It was pretty cool sitting on the bridge and watching the world go by.

Whaduya mean she won't have any bags?

Pretty tight spaces.

OK, this one really is low!

Waiting in a busy place!

Can't wait to go back and talk to the TSA agents!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kansas City International Airport training trip

When you hear humans talk about going to the airport, some of the words you don't hear are: "whooo hooo", yippeeee", "sounds like fun", "good times", etc... But, when you're an assistance dog in training, those are exactly the words that were spoken between us pups!

TBG and I drove down to Kansas City to meet up with my other CCI buds to do some training at the airport.

       When we arrived, big sis Pastel and Yegger were already there.

Practicing some tight stair work!

Baggage claim, those bags made a lot of noise when they dropped out!

Yegger asking why he can't pick up the red bag.

Showing Aunt Debbie how to do a proper "up".

Pastel was calling us a cab!

The "awesome threesome"

Pastel showing us how to do a great "under"

Roxanne even got a turn...I worked her pretty hard!

Here I am showing her how to walk through automatic doors.

Here's Yegger with Gary, our DHS host for the night. We gave him extra puppy lov'n!

Me showing Gary "visit"

Oh yeah...that's the spot!

Yegger doing another great "under"

I'll do an "up" on anything for a Charlie Bear!

Here's Linder and Yegger going through security.

Yegger was pretty tired!

The TSA agent that gave Yegger his pat down.

OK, my turn to go through security.

No sir, nothing in my pockets!

We were all laughing at TBG!

OK, you can mess with TBG, but you better not confiscate my treats buster!

Me and my TSA agent. He was laughing and I was trying to be serious.

Pastel going through security.

Yeah, that's the spot!

Hey TSA agent, I smell something!

TBG took Pastel through the second time.

Aunt Debbie worked with Yegger on trip # 2

My TSA agent on trip # 2

Pastel and her agent on trip # 2

Group photo at the end of the security screenings.

Group shots of puppy raisers, pups and volunteers of the Kansas City Chapter.

Heading home after a long night of training.

We'd like to thank Gary with DHS and all the airport folks and TSA agents in helping us pups become familiar with what happens in the airport. It was a LOT of fun and I think all involved learned a lot. I can't wait to see what's next!