Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Now today's outing was a blast!

So we made our daily trip to one of the parks and started off with a really long walk. We then went and worked on some playground equipment.

No one was on the old truck, so TBG and I "hoofed" it over there. I got to take it for a spin!!

Allllllllll Aboarrrrrrrd!

Then, we ran the "gauntlet" Man, he can sure work my tail off. On the bright side...I've overcome my fear of rolling on raised surfaces! Take THAT Dr. No!

and for the pièce de résistance...

The skateboarders were there today!!!!

There were a couple of guys just tearing it up! They let me watch and even wanted to know all about me! TBG and I sat there for a long time watching all the jumps, flips, spins and general craziness. I tried taking video, but it seemed every time I did, I caught the few misses. They were really good and made most tricks though!

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