Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Weekend 2013

I have a lot to be thankful for this weekend! My friends drove all the way from Kansas City, MO to share some time with me. We had fun, practiced commands, played in the snow, and generally just worked hard and played hard. Here are some of our adventures!

Catch me if you can! We ran and ran and ran...
Sometimes we carried our outdoor play indoors. That got us into trouble. But, we just giggled behind our paws when we got yelled at and then went back to it!
Then we heard from Aunts Debbie and Linder that it was time to head to the mall. At first we thought we were going to use the bus stop like Dr. No...
We even thought Gabe could drive us there...
But of course, TBG was on old stick-in-the-mud and said we couldn't take the bus until we got the whole jump-up-in-the-back-of-the-SUV-thing down cold. Yea, we still need a little help with that. We are still just puppies you know!
So off we went to the mall. There were a lot of little ones there, as you might imagine.
And even pretty newly minted ones!
But big people liked us too!
While I was busy gettin' in some lovin' Gabe was busy taking advantage of the Black Friday deals!
However, those humans of ours kept getting distracted. Here they thought we could be live models in the window. I know! Can you believe what they make us do!

Then Aunt Linder and TBG got together and TBG was talkin' smack about my "heels" and "sides." Aunt Linder wanted to see what was up. Yea, TBG walked right into that one! I executed my commands perfectly with Aunt Linder, thank you very much. It was so fun to see Aunt Linder just shake her head at TBG!

All that hard work is tiring, so I thought I'd show up TBG and demonstrated a perfect under so I could get a few minutes of rest.
I was pretty excited when I heard the humans talking about going to see Santa Claus. It wasn't until we got home that I realized they actually said we were going to BE Santa Claus! Gee whiz!

Do you like me better as Rudolph or Mrs. Claus?
Like I said, I am very thankful this turkey weekend for my good friends: Leitner Dale, Divot, Gabey-baby, Auntie Debbie and Auntie Linder. I'm also thankful for my comfy bed--I'm exhausted!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spreading my Holiday Cheer

We went to the Mall today to see Santa's arrival (among other things). Boy, there were a LOT of kids! I thought my head was going to fall off from being on a swivel.

Here I am waiting on the Big Guy to arrive.

Once he arrived, I helped spread his Holiday Cheer!

We then went over to the jewelry store.

TBG and Deb got hungry, so I had to be quiet and calm.

Here I am working with a very nice couple at the shoe store. I think they liked me!! While I was working I think Deb bought some new shoes...again.

We left the Mall and stopped in at Chocolaterie Stam to see my good friend Ken and listen to him play.

Deb got a cup of REAL hot chocolate!

Ken & I

Hey do pups in training get tips for being so lovable??

and to top it off...Ken plays a song just for Moi

Friday, November 22, 2013

Snow Day

TBG and I spent the day playing in the snow! Running, sliding, flipping, eating, name it, we did it!

Snow is not only tasty, but it's fun too!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rain Frisbee

Here's what you do on a rainy, chilly Fall Sunday. Play some rain Frisbee!!

Watch as I progress from a newb to a pro!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Went out in the BIG truck!

Started the day with a bath and beauty treatment. I like TBG's shower, it's a nice walk-in. After I was dry, we headed out for the day.
Dr. No had my car today, so TBG and I went out in Big Red (F250, 4WD, monster engine)!

It was pretty cramped in the floor board, but I managed. We went to the grocery store, the Mall and then to TBG's favorite hangout...the lumber yard. I met a lot of people and worked on some commands.

How's this for practicing walking on grates?

It was a fun afternoon and then I got to run around the back yard when I got home!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Out on the Town

We ran out to the Mall so I could stretch my brain...err legs.

First thing, we ran into a very nice man who wanted to know all about me. I thought I'd give him some personal attention! I'm pretty sure he liked me.

Then, I auditioned for the Victoria's Secret Mascot. That dotted dog can't hold my vest strap!

I saw a little person in need of my awesomeness. I think I brightened her day! I was showing her how soft my ears are!

Here I am trying out for another bit part at JCPenney.

Hey good look'n wanna play?

I don't know what their problem was, they would not pet me!

After the mall, we went to Lowe's and bought a tree for the pool room. No pics, but I talked to a lady named...PJ! We had a good time.

When we got home, TBG had to wake me up.

But he made it up to me by taking me out back and burning off some stress!

                                       and then.........the inevitable crash!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Call Me a Campus Canine

As you, my dear readers, are undoubtedly aware, I have been shackled in my activities due to a recent, although assuredly, routine surgery. Stitches come out next Wednesday, but my road to recovery has been such that TBG and Dr. No felt that I could benefit from a little R&R. As the scenery on campus, with the brick buildings, artwork, and in the fall, the turning of the leaves, are some of the reasons Iowa State University has been named one of the 25 most beautiful college campuses, I felt it was time to go see where Dr. No is spending so much of her time.

Here's an example of the turning of the leaves.

Aren't we cute together?

Hey....are those college coeds?

I don't know, either!

Here, kitty, kitty!

Now we really are cute together!

Who knew there were so many fun games to play on campus?  
My turn! Roll the dice!

Where's PJ?

Well, after all that excitement, we headed to where TBG spends most of his time: a certain hardware store! I am learning my public manners.

What do you mean I have to wait until I get home to take a nap? I'm only 6 months old you know--I'm exhausted!

Time to fall asleep to some college football on my comfy bed, in the sunshine, with Dr. No and TBG looking over me. Until next time, dear friends!