Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trying to get caught up!

I have been soooo busy the last few days. One last item to post and I'll be caught up.

TBG and I went to his PT appointment this week and girl...did I have a blast. You see, everyone there loves me and sometimes they fight over who gets to play/pet me. While TBG was crying like a little baby as he was getting beat up (his words, not mine), I got to go with one of the PT's who I've been talking to now for 2 months. She knows my commands and got to show me around the place. Let's just say I made TBG proud and rocked it baby!!

I even got to work on the same exercises that TBG was doing. I made him look bad :-)

No one bothered to take any pictures, so I found this one from another trip to PT

Thanks for helping train me "N"!

Oh yeah, we also went to Lowe's today. Worked the usual stuff and TBG found a really scary place for me to try. I've worked on this before and am getting better, but it's still a little unnerving to walk around on this metal!

Time to fill out my monthly report, see you all later!

Rode the CyRide Bus again!!

TBG and I walked down to the first bus stop this morning so Glenn and I could have some quality PJ time!!

                                                                      A nice, cool Ames morning

I think I hear the bus

Glenn and I

Thanks for hanging out with me, if only for a few minutes! I hope Champ can come and play some afternoon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend was over, but the work continues!

OK, I'm almost caught up on my sleep so I thought I'd get caught up on my adventures as well.

Yesterday was a very fun day! You see, Dr.No rides a big bus to work most days and I like to go out and wave bye as she leaves. I also like seeing the driver (Glenn) since he likes me so much! Anywho...I've been waiting for an opportunity to RIDE the bus and since I was so well behaved over the weekend, TBG said it was time.

You can imagine my state of happiness when he said we were riding the bus! I was so excited, I could hardly keep the fur from flying off!

We walked out to the bus stop and waited patiently for Glenn to arrive.

While waiting, Deb took these pics!

Then we finally boarded the bus!! I had no problem climbing the steps or getting under the seats. TBG has drilled into my head how important it is for us pups to stay out of the way.

We rode all the way to ISU and then transferred to another bus to make the trek home. I had fun, but didn't understand what the big deal was.

Me in all my awesomeness!

I think I heard TBG mention something about riding again later this week. Maybe I'll get to spend a little time with Glenn!

More weekend adventure

So, after our very busy Kansas City trip, I get back to Ames and am thinking how nice it will be to relax. Apparently TBG and Dr. No did NOT get that memo!

Sunday morning, Dr. No broke out the puppy raising manual and wrote down all the "experiences" I had not had yet. She made TBG a list and said "get it done"! I tell ya, there is no rest for the weary in this household!!

We start out doing some commands on a sandy beach (although it seemed like dirt to me)!

Then we moved on to where they unload the boats.

How about going out on the docks says TBG...I happily obliged!

Looks a little ruff today (Get it...ruff)!!

A little ramp bouncing!

and then...finally...I get to go swimm'n...Wooo Hoooooo!

But then, it was back to work. Walking under a dead tree limb while it drags over my back...Check.

Doing an Up on a very slippery surface...Check

Hanging out under a waving banner...Check

Getting a soda for Deb...Check

Framing myself for an awesome picture...Check

Making Deb wear my now wet cape...Double Check!

and finally, doing my best impression of the "headless dog"

To finish off my training day, a bath in a self serve pet wash. Here I am almost finished. Just getting a final blow dry!

What a fun day I had!!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Just another Friday continue with my weekend adventures....

We got to greet 4 new puppies into the Kansas City area. They had to fly from San Francisco to Atlanta and then to KC. By the time they reached KC, they were pretty "ripe" if you get my wiff!

                                                                The 2 black labs are Placer and Presto

The 2 "fluffy pups are Napal and Nellie

While the pups were cute and the humans were going all "Ga-Ga" over them, I found them to be small and childish!

After our airport visit, we returned to the Sloan B&B and proceeded to have "adult" fun!

Darius and I 

Leitner, Divot, Darius and I

Divot doing her "Bat Dog" impression! LOL

After some good play, Darius and I went to work at a local home improvement store! 

I wonder what was going through his mind???

Darius thought we needed a shower, so.....

Uhhh, no TBG...I'm not gonna "hurry" here!

I'm "tired".....I am sooo funny!

After working we got to play a little more!

Stay tuned for more weekend adventures....Back to sleep.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Holy Hotdogs! What a Weekend!

I'm exhausted--but don't want to disappoint my many fans who are waiting to hear about my weekend adventures! Let's start on Friday and you'll have to tune in for installments over the next few days between my naps!

After a long trek to the Kansas City Sloan Bed and Breakfast on Friday morning

Well, here I am at work again.  What’s the idea of this?  I thought we were going to see puppies. For your information, there are no PUPPIES here!  First Aunt Linder tried to stick me in a kennel that smells like Darius and who knows what else and then I had to deliver some mail and packages.  The rest of the time Aunt Linder’s been tapping away on her computer.  The good thing is that I got to meet a bunch of my old friends here and they were quite excited to see such an extraordinary puppy.  Yeah me……I’m the extraordinary puppy.

We’ll be leaving soon and then I’ll take a nap before the evening's festivities. I still don’t think this is my kind of work...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saw my friends at Waterford this weekend!

I sure am glad TBG's ankle is healing and that I get to see my friends at Waterford! We had a dozen friends come just to see little ole' me.

I showed them some commands and Deb even let me play a little catch with my tennis ball! "Laps", "Visits" and "Jumps" were all utilized as well as retrieving and "Drop".

                                                                            Smiles were abound and we all had fun!

While there was no picture taken, but they all loved my Shar Pei impression!

See you all next month!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Went to the local Health & Wellness Fair

Upon arrival, I spied something I really wanted to explore. Look at those choppers! And that brush..."Get outta here" I told Deb I'd like a brush like that!

We then moved on to the presentation area...Dr. PJ is in the house! Who has the marker?

You know, they'd hear me better if the mic was lower! Stupid lack of opposable thumbs.....

So, I parked myself out of the way for the next speaker!

As we walked around, we came upon an obstacle course. They were very nice letting me participate!
Boy that looks low.

Crouch and walk...crouch and walk.....

Ahhhhh, piece of cake!

This was a can of corn as well!

By the time we were ready to leave it had started raining cats & birds. TBG was NOT prepared for rain (no umbrella) so we waited till it eased up before working in the rain! Meanwhile, I relaxed on this A/C vent. Now THAT was COOL!!

TBG didn't take pics, but when we left he took me through HUGE...flowing rivers of water. I wanted to jump and splash around, but alas...we were headed off to another work zone (hardware store) so I was only allowed to walk normal through the "rapids"!