Friday, January 31, 2014

Day at the ISU indoor track meet

 What a day I had today! Went to the indoor track stadium at ISU and got to watch some awesome athletes in action!

Here I am getting ready for the Dogathon.

These women could long jump farther than me! Very impressive.

Here I'm helping relieve stress between events.

I wanted to join this run, but it was only for two legged athletes!

I met lots of nice people today and got to spread the word about us pups and Canine Companions for Independence.

After all my hard work I thought I'd "paws" and get a relaxing massage by Body First!

                                                    You want my head where?

How about this instead?

Thanks Uncle Doug, it felt Gooooooood!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What time does the Mall open?

                                                    This girl has NOTHING to wear!

Friday, January 24, 2014


TBG and I went to the mall today and I got to practice commands and meet some very nice folks!

                                                       Yes, I did crawl out the front

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Training Classes

So I finally have been able to get out and socialize with my kind (other than my CCI buds). This was my 3rd class at the Cyclone Country Kennel Club here in Ames. I'm having a great time and the instructors are the BEST! She always gives us fun stuff to practice and my colleagues all seem to be at the top of their game too!

We work on sits, downs, stays, recalls, heeling, auto sits, walking over obstacles and turns.

                               Maybe you can see the tasty treats on the floor!

Can't wait for next week!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

PJ = Pretty Joyous!

Heellllooooo to my adoring fans!

I'm here to report on my first outing where I attempt to follow in the footsteps of the amazing Jeb, the facility dog. TBG finally got his lazy self motivated and made a call this week to an assisted living residence. He explained all about SWMBO, and me, and himself (of course), yammering on and on and on until I'm sure that the poor activity director on the other end was ready to say yes-please-come-and-visit-so-I-can-get-off-the-phone-and-get-some-real-work-done! Anywho, they set the visit up for this Saturday and I was so excited--I just couldn't wait.

Of course I had to have a bath and a beauty treatment to showcase my awesome self to best advantage. TBG did that yesterday, and finally! we drove over this morning. Lo and behold, my adorableness quotient preceded me, because there were people waiting to see me, pet me, love me, and tell me how awesome, pretty, handsome, cute, smart, and adorable I was! Here's a shoutout to my friends B, L, R, D, M, L, A, and RA ! Also, thanks to the staff that showed up and loved on me too.

Take a gander at the photos below and wish you had been there with us!

Oh, the left a whisker...

I know my back fat is poking out over my cape. TBG keeps forgetting to ask for a bigger size! It's so embarrassing!

I'm fascinating--no you're fascinating. No, YOU'RE fascinating...

Oh come, on, SWMBO, let me do a lap. Please? Puh-lease?

I'm a hot dog. Do you get it? Oh, I slay myself...
My presence was requested next month, so I promised to come by again. I'd like to think that Jeb is smiling under the Rainbow Bridge tonight...thanks for showing us the way, Jebaroni.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Got to spend some time at ISU with Deb

TBG and I went to Deb's work so he could hang some pictures. Got to meet some new friends and practice commands in a new place!

                                                                  This was a tight "under"

This was a little more roomy!

Deb caught TBG and I napping! I think the house is haunted...can you see why? Not the Cujo eyes either ;-)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Almost made it up to freezing today

So we made a full morning of work out of the warmer weather!

First we hit K-Mart and did some shopping. Deb was looking for turtle necks and TBG needed new socks. I got to practice lots of commands and enjoyed all the people! I got to meet a new friend today. Bob thought I was pretty special and maybe would be interested in raising pups for CCI. We can always use more VPR's!

We walked down one aisle and what did I see??? The most ginormous box of candy, EVER. I was mesmerized by the enormity of the box, I mean, have you ever seen such a huge box of chocolat? TBG was a drooling machine :-)

                                                                                    Got Candy?

We then headed to main street and went in a few stores. My favorite was looking at all the crystal in Swank's Jewelry. 

I know my outing doesn't seem like much, but we were out for almost 3 hrs and to tell the truth, I'm dog tired!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Went Shopping

TBG (the big guy) and I went shopping this morning. I tried to convince him I needed a new toy, but he wasn't listening! I'm getting real good at walking with the shopping cart. I even think my auto sits are doing well. Hey, I'm trying hard!

Got to talk to a few people and fill them in on the CCI ways. Shout out to my new friend Ben!! Nice meeting you today.

Not too busy at the checkout today.

Monday, January 6, 2014

TBG, are you CRAZY??

So we get up this morning and take a look at the temp gauge before we go outside (normal daily occurrence). It's so cold, I think it froze the darn thing!

I tell TBG he needs to check the phone!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, are you kidding me??
-41 windchill???

I tell TBG "No Way I'm Going Out There NAKED!

OK, NOW I'm ready to go out!

Stay warm everyone, PJ's chill'n

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scary Tables!

We went out today, made a short stop at the vision place so Deb could get her new glasses adjusted. Let me just say that they LOVE it when I come in!!

We then headed off to Wally World. That place was crazy crowded, even TBG was overwhelmed! While perusing the isles, we came across this open table. TBG thought it would be good for me to jump up, me...not so much! I will say that I had some help and even then it was scary at first. I did manage to sit and it wasn't bad after I sat down. TBG says I must be in that weird 9 month crazy period, whatever that means!

When we got home Deb gave me a present, one of Jeb's most favorite toys.

I guess it made all the work worthwhile.

I heard TBG say it was gonna be cold enough tomorrow to freeze my pads to the ground. I hope he's wrong!