Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Went to the local Health & Wellness Fair

Upon arrival, I spied something I really wanted to explore. Look at those choppers! And that brush..."Get outta here" I told Deb I'd like a brush like that!

We then moved on to the presentation area...Dr. PJ is in the house! Who has the marker?

You know, they'd hear me better if the mic was lower! Stupid lack of opposable thumbs.....

So, I parked myself out of the way for the next speaker!

As we walked around, we came upon an obstacle course. They were very nice letting me participate!
Boy that looks low.

Crouch and walk...crouch and walk.....

Ahhhhh, piece of cake!

This was a can of corn as well!

By the time we were ready to leave it had started raining cats & birds. TBG was NOT prepared for rain (no umbrella) so we waited till it eased up before working in the rain! Meanwhile, I relaxed on this A/C vent. Now THAT was COOL!!

TBG didn't take pics, but when we left he took me through HUGE...flowing rivers of water. I wanted to jump and splash around, but alas...we were headed off to another work zone (hardware store) so I was only allowed to walk normal through the "rapids"!

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  1. Great photos PJ. Looks like you were having fun. I do believe TBG could have carried you to the car in the rain!!!


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