Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More weekend adventure

So, after our very busy Kansas City trip, I get back to Ames and am thinking how nice it will be to relax. Apparently TBG and Dr. No did NOT get that memo!

Sunday morning, Dr. No broke out the puppy raising manual and wrote down all the "experiences" I had not had yet. She made TBG a list and said "get it done"! I tell ya, there is no rest for the weary in this household!!

We start out doing some commands on a sandy beach (although it seemed like dirt to me)!

Then we moved on to where they unload the boats.

How about going out on the docks says TBG...I happily obliged!

Looks a little ruff today (Get it...ruff)!!

A little ramp bouncing!

and then...finally...I get to go swimm'n...Wooo Hoooooo!

But then, it was back to work. Walking under a dead tree limb while it drags over my back...Check.

Doing an Up on a very slippery surface...Check

Hanging out under a waving banner...Check

Getting a soda for Deb...Check

Framing myself for an awesome picture...Check

Making Deb wear my now wet cape...Double Check!

and finally, doing my best impression of the "headless dog"

To finish off my training day, a bath in a self serve pet wash. Here I am almost finished. Just getting a final blow dry!

What a fun day I had!!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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