Monday, July 28, 2014

Just another Friday continue with my weekend adventures....

We got to greet 4 new puppies into the Kansas City area. They had to fly from San Francisco to Atlanta and then to KC. By the time they reached KC, they were pretty "ripe" if you get my wiff!

                                                                The 2 black labs are Placer and Presto

The 2 "fluffy pups are Napal and Nellie

While the pups were cute and the humans were going all "Ga-Ga" over them, I found them to be small and childish!

After our airport visit, we returned to the Sloan B&B and proceeded to have "adult" fun!

Darius and I 

Leitner, Divot, Darius and I

Divot doing her "Bat Dog" impression! LOL

After some good play, Darius and I went to work at a local home improvement store! 

I wonder what was going through his mind???

Darius thought we needed a shower, so.....

Uhhh, no TBG...I'm not gonna "hurry" here!

I'm "tired".....I am sooo funny!

After working we got to play a little more!

Stay tuned for more weekend adventures....Back to sleep.

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