Monday, July 7, 2014

Can You Say Play Date?

It's been a long week, what with Dr. No being on vacation and lots of home improvement projects on the docket. However, the humans made up for some long, boring days by hosting my friends Lisa and Liza for the 4th of July. It was my turn to show them what "vacation" should mean!

We played outside...a LOT!

We went to the 4th of July parade. The drum line was way way cool!

It was Ames' 150th Birthday!!

Poor guy, what an embarrassing costume.

Yeah, big horse...So?

What a good down Liza!

Do I get this bubble gum TBG?

Ummmm, OK....Iowa = Corn.

Ha, did we pups fool the humans! They thought we'd be afraid to sit under a Zeppelin. I wonder if it had any Led in it??

Able to lean on a tall building...check.

After the parade (and lunch for the humans), I convinced TBG to take us to my favorite work place...You guessed it, Lowe's!

Right off the bat I wanted to show Liza how cool this place was.

Then we thought turnabout was fair play. What goofy humans we work with!

It doesn't show it, but this was a tall stack of drywall that we had to "jump" up on.

Deb and Lisa thought this was funny. Liza and I...not so much.

Liza with a great "under"

OK Liza, you try to push and I'll try to push and we'll see who's the strongest.

I was excited when I read they were having a Dog sale!

Come on, this isn't hard.

Whatever you can do Liza, I can do better....

Except roll on a weird surface...not doing that! You win.

Now Liza's just showing off. She did a perfect "jump", "turn" and "down" on this teeny tiny crate.

So I had to do a "jump" "turn" and "down" on a second tier shelf!

These bags were still weird to get on.

But not as weird as these packs of wood. Good golly they were scary!

I have no words for what Liza is doing here.

I had to show Liza my Lowe's peeps!

When we got home, we got a carrot. This was Liza's first ever carrot and it took her 5 minutes to eat it! Me...6 seconds!

Stay tuned for our swim day!


  1. Liza is still worn out by all your activities PJ! You and your humans are excellent hosts!

  2. Looks like you girls had a very fun weekend. By the way, it appears that you train your humans very well!


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