Sunday, July 28, 2013

Checking out the Ames scenery

We headed out to a local park today that Deb found while out on her walks.

We crossed a bridge that reminded TBG of Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon. That was where Jeb used to go hiking!

I did some lite reading of the work done on the walking trails.

and met some of the area wildlife.

If you look hard, you'll see Mister Rabbit!

All said, I had a great time on our walk and met some nice folks AND wildlife. I did collapse on the floor when we got back home though. Hey, us little pups don't have a lot of stamina!!

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  1. How did that little, little pup grow up so much in such a short time. Look how long her legs are already. My, My, I wonder just how big she will be.


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