Saturday, July 20, 2013

Met a fellow CCI pup today

Got to meet "Detroit" today. No, not the Motor City, but the CCI puppy!

                                   Boy, was he a cutie!

Got to meet Detroit's buddy...Uhhh..."Buddy"
He was NOT interested in us pups at all! TBG and Dr. No liked him though.

Detroit's humans were very nice, they even got out the pool for us to play in. I did my best to show Detroit how much fun water is, but him being a lot "Golden", he was not as interested as I was!

Here we are disagreeing on lunch.

Big thanks to Detroit's puppy raisers for allowing us some puppy play time. It sure was fun!


TBG here, the little porker (FBG...Fat Bottom Girl) was fast asleep, but could still be heard over the TV! Playing is hard work.

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  1. Okay - now I know who Detroit is. Should have looked at the blog instead of facebook. That is just way, way, way to funny. She is so loud!!! LOVE IT!


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