Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Farewell Tour

TBG, Dr. No and me headed out to "the big town" of CG today to skip down Memory Lane and say farewell to all of the good times (of course it was more like 'The Hello Tour' for me, but I'm taking a bit of poetic license here to make the story line work. You'll  also see a theme in most of the pictures today. Can you guess what it is? I'll tell you at the end of the post....)

We had to go and have photo opps where the other pups have been. Here I am in front of the Hays House.

And we visited the playground too. I was fearless and ready to hit the slide on my own! However, TBG said I didn't make the height requirement yet and I had to ride in the kiddie seat with him. How humiliating!

Yep, fearless-that's me!

I had to put my own stamp on my first walk downtown, though. Here's my Marilyn Monroe impersonation!

I tried to get a quick self-portrait in while TBG and SWMBO were getting over their shock and fixing my cape! I think my smile looks just like Marilyn's, don't you?

After that episode, TBG didn't want to scandalize the town, so he carried me for a while!

That cuteness quotient is really working in my favor on this hot July day!

Farewell, Council Grove! Off into the sunset we go!

(Did you pick up the theme? Think: CHICKEN LEGS!!! Lol! Go back and look at the pics. You'll see what I mean! Oh, I am hilarious!!! Hey, TBG, bring those things back around--I'm hungry! I bet they're tastier than a Nylabone or Elk Antler! Ha Ha Ha....oh...


  1. You are such a cutie! I did get the chicken leg theme.....hahahaha.....Saying goodbye is hard but you have so many new and exciting experiences ahead of you. If not before, I will see you in Ohio in August. Hugs and tiny little kisses to you and be sure to give TBG and Dr. No a hug from me too!

  2. Great job on the photos PJ. Can't wait to see you again. Perhaps in Ames but definitely in Ohio.
    Hope you have a safe ride with Dr. No and be a good girl. Tell her not to forget your lunch!!! Lots of hugs to you, TBA (Chicken Legs) and Dr. No.

  3. Oh my gosh! Cuteness overload!!! We'll miss you!


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