Sunday, July 7, 2013

Puppy Play Time!

I was told yesterday was going to be fun, but they didn't say I'd have the time of my life!! We started out Saturday morning with my breakfast. Along with the gentle leader, TBG added my work'n cape. I think it's still a little big, but I'm trying hard to grow into it.

We traveled to Kansas City and I got to hang out at Yegger's house while all the big dogs went out for a work day. Here are a few pics TBG took of the outing.

Yegger, Winslow, Kindy & Gabe

Everyone returned to Yegger's house and we all had a great afternoon playing in the grass and pools. We ran, played hard, ran some more, went for a swim, ran and played even harder.

Here's me, my older sister Pastel and Mr. Muir.

Some water action.

Here's me and De (Winslow's human)

and...what I looked like on the ride home, rest of the afternoon and most of last night!

Yeah, you can say I was wiped out!

Thanks to Yegger's humans for letting us pups have a great stress relieving afternoon. I heard there was a ton of human food too!

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  1. What a fun day it was for dogs and humans. Great company, great food and great weather. Who could ask for more.


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