Friday, July 5, 2013

What a Day!

I had a bath last night, teeth brushed, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, and a bikini wax. Wasn't sure what the big deal was, but I found out this morning. Dr.No said we were going to her old stomp'n grounds so I could meet one of her good friends. Legend has it, Dr. No's friend used to play with Jeb, Ansel and Carver, so it was only fitting I get to meet this wonderful friend of pups.

 Here I am using my power of HAPPYNESS!

and in return, I got some great ear rubb'n. Yes, I WAS in heaven!

Then I showed off my secret strategy for becoming a blue cape dog... "military pushups."

Here I am showing off "under." Yeah, I was laughing at TBG's chicken legs! Man are those things bright.

Here's TBG explaining the finer points of a fan. Specifically, NOT to stick my tongue in there.

Sadly there are no pics of the stair work, elevator rides, and running/walking down the long corridors on carpet and polished floors.
I'll just say that when we left, I slept all the way home, all afternoon and into the evening. As soon as I hit "post", I'm crawling back in the crate! Dr.No told me I have an even bigger day tomorrow. I get to see my sister Pastel, Mr. Muir, Kindy, Yeager, Gabey Baby and Mr. Winslow (he's a Facility Dog). I think there will be lots of humans too. That'll be great for the after play time rubb'n!

PJ the shark out.

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