Thursday, August 1, 2013

TBG and I made a trip to Council Grove!

He needed to go back and pick up a few more items, so we packed up the big truck and headed out Tuesday morning. Let's just say, the accommodations were not as comfy as the silver bullet!! I had to travel in the front seat (in my crate) next to TBG. I took up most of the truck!

Once in CG, I got to meet my old friend Brad and spent some time spreading my puppy awesomeness. We walked around town, met a few people and generally burned off some stored energy. We played some fetch in TBG's old store.

We got up the next morning and headed back to Ames. TBG surprised me with a stop at Gabe's house for a little play time with Gabe and Leitner! We took turns being the "top dog".

Aunt Debbie and Aunt Linder wanted some fresh puppy breath, so I happily obliged!

I had a ton of fun and traveled well (so TBG says). It's been nice to kick back and relax now that we're back in Ames.


  1. PJ, you got so big! What fun Gabe had with you here to torture, I mean to play with! Leitner was thrilled that someone else got to have Gabe's attention. Loved seeing you and TBG. You were a very good girl!

    Aunt Debbie

  2. It was great to see you little girl. I know the "boys" had a good time with you....especially Gabe. Leitner always enjoys for Gabe to have someone to play with!! Be sure to do what TBG and Dr. No tell you to do.


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