Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scary Tables!

We went out today, made a short stop at the vision place so Deb could get her new glasses adjusted. Let me just say that they LOVE it when I come in!!

We then headed off to Wally World. That place was crazy crowded, even TBG was overwhelmed! While perusing the isles, we came across this open table. TBG thought it would be good for me to jump up, me...not so much! I will say that I had some help and even then it was scary at first. I did manage to sit and it wasn't bad after I sat down. TBG says I must be in that weird 9 month crazy period, whatever that means!

When we got home Deb gave me a present, one of Jeb's most favorite toys.

I guess it made all the work worthwhile.

I heard TBG say it was gonna be cold enough tomorrow to freeze my pads to the ground. I hope he's wrong!

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