Saturday, January 11, 2014

Almost made it up to freezing today

So we made a full morning of work out of the warmer weather!

First we hit K-Mart and did some shopping. Deb was looking for turtle necks and TBG needed new socks. I got to practice lots of commands and enjoyed all the people! I got to meet a new friend today. Bob thought I was pretty special and maybe would be interested in raising pups for CCI. We can always use more VPR's!

We walked down one aisle and what did I see??? The most ginormous box of candy, EVER. I was mesmerized by the enormity of the box, I mean, have you ever seen such a huge box of chocolat? TBG was a drooling machine :-)

                                                                                    Got Candy?

We then headed to main street and went in a few stores. My favorite was looking at all the crystal in Swank's Jewelry. 

I know my outing doesn't seem like much, but we were out for almost 3 hrs and to tell the truth, I'm dog tired!

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  1. Candy, candy, did TBG get any? Sounds like a fun day to me.


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