Saturday, January 18, 2014

PJ = Pretty Joyous!

Heellllooooo to my adoring fans!

I'm here to report on my first outing where I attempt to follow in the footsteps of the amazing Jeb, the facility dog. TBG finally got his lazy self motivated and made a call this week to an assisted living residence. He explained all about SWMBO, and me, and himself (of course), yammering on and on and on until I'm sure that the poor activity director on the other end was ready to say yes-please-come-and-visit-so-I-can-get-off-the-phone-and-get-some-real-work-done! Anywho, they set the visit up for this Saturday and I was so excited--I just couldn't wait.

Of course I had to have a bath and a beauty treatment to showcase my awesome self to best advantage. TBG did that yesterday, and finally! we drove over this morning. Lo and behold, my adorableness quotient preceded me, because there were people waiting to see me, pet me, love me, and tell me how awesome, pretty, handsome, cute, smart, and adorable I was! Here's a shoutout to my friends B, L, R, D, M, L, A, and RA ! Also, thanks to the staff that showed up and loved on me too.

Take a gander at the photos below and wish you had been there with us!

Oh, the left a whisker...

I know my back fat is poking out over my cape. TBG keeps forgetting to ask for a bigger size! It's so embarrassing!

I'm fascinating--no you're fascinating. No, YOU'RE fascinating...

Oh come, on, SWMBO, let me do a lap. Please? Puh-lease?

I'm a hot dog. Do you get it? Oh, I slay myself...
My presence was requested next month, so I promised to come by again. I'd like to think that Jeb is smiling under the Rainbow Bridge tonight...thanks for showing us the way, Jebaroni.

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  1. I am sure that Jeb is smiling down on the three of you! You are awesome and by the way, a big thank you to TBG and Dr. No for helping spread the word about the awesome Canine Companion organization. Love you sweet cheeks and will see you very soon in KC!


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