Monday, December 30, 2013

Belated Boxing Day Party in Kansas City

What a great weekend!! We traveled to Kansas City last weekend and spent 2 days with all my CCI pup buddies and their humans. It was non-stop action from the moment we landed in North KC at Gabe's house. Got to play with Gabe, Leitner and Divot before we went to the CCI party. Around noon, we headed to the South side of town and to Yegger's house! All the Kansas City pups were there and we played till we dropped!

Attending the party...Myself, Pastel, Yegger, Muir, Gabe and O'Reilly. Winslow (FD), Stanton and Lady Jane also attended, but they didn't play like us youngsters ;-)

Here are a few pics of Pastel and I.

Pastel was get'n tired of posing for pics. She started yelling to "hurry up"!

Here's one of Pastel, Yegger and I

Some action video of the day!

and I heard TBG say'n this might be my "wall" pic!

Thanks to Sally & Larry for hosting us and a big thanks to Aunt Debbie for letting us stay at the Resort & Spa! Glad I got to see all of the humans. Big thanks to Aunt Lisa for taking such great pictures!

See you all again very soon. TBG says we might go to Feb graduation if the weather's not bad.

Next stop, meeting our newest pup!


  1. PJ, it was wonderful having you and your family staying with me! So glad that you pups all had such a great time. Gabe was pretty tired when you left. Hope to see you all again very soon. Careful in the snow! Love and hugs!

  2. That will make a fabulous wall picture!


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