Saturday, September 6, 2014

Me and My Buds!

It's a girl's world...!

My dear friend Champ invited me over to his house for a play date.

Ever the gracious host, Champ suggested that I take the most comfortable seat in the house.

Then Champ invited me to a game of Fetch. Isn't he adorable? Who could refuse that mug?

But that mean ole' TBG said I was too "ram-bunk-shus"--whatever that means--and that he didn't want to see yet another "plays rough with others" come down the pike from the trainers. As if! But there's no talking to him when he gets like this, as me and SWMBO surely know, so out came the @!!** leash! Grounded! Sorry, Champ!
I thought the fun times were over, but Champ introduced me to one of his house-mates. Now THAT was interesting! Hello there, little one!

 As the evening wound down, I gave up the comfy seat to Champ and we enjoyed a small glass of whine and some kibble.
Take care of yourself, Champ, and leave the "car" command to me--you just concentrate on your "cute" command!

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