Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Choose Your Adventure"

That's the slogan of Iowa State University. I bet they didn't know it applies to pups-in-training too!

Follow me--I know the way! (I'm just missing my Indiana Jones hat!)
Gotta look good for the road, before we set out, though--do I have any kibble stuck in my teeth, TGB?
Well, hello there! What? Well, of course you can take a picture of me, you silly thing! I adore my fans. And, how nice of you to let TBG pose for the picture, too. He likes to think he has his own fan base, but we know better, don't we, Sweetie? Still, it's kind of you...let's just not let might hurt his feeling (he only has one, you know!)

You'd like a close-up? But of course! My ancestry? Whatever do you mean? Am I part Chow? Or related to Ansel III? Well, unless there is some scandal in my background that I don't know about, I would say surely not! Why do you ask, Darlin'?

Well, she was nice enough, wasn't she? But time to hit the road...over the river and through the red tunnel--that's how I choose to adventure!

Next is rock climbing!

What do you mean I can't go skateboarding? What happened to "Choose Your Adventure?" Please, please, please can I go?

Don't worry, Dr. No says--she knows the way. Now that's funny! Let me help you out, Dr. No...we are at the HICKORY SHELTER. How do I know? What do you mean how do I know? A pup can read, can't she? Geez...I think it's time to go home!
Tune in--more adventures to come--soon!

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