Monday, September 8, 2014

"Fly CCI"

My pals and I went to the Kansas City Airport last week and went to flight training school. We learned all about what it takes to makes these big birds fly!

School started in the skies. (L-R) Darius, Me, Pastel and Liza

We moved to the communication area to learn about logistics.

Then we learned the proper use of the lavatories.

A little privacy please!!!

We found out the reading material is better in 1st class!

Then the really fun stuff. We checked over the plane including the landing gear.

Here's Liza confirming that all hydraulic lines are A-OK!

Tire pressure is good about your tire Liza?

Front landing gear looks ready to go.

Captain PJ says..."Fly CCI"

See you all later!

Now, just so you know what it takes to get the pics that I post....sometimes us pups can be ornery and mess with the puppy raisers. Here is what typically goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes we even get the humans to make monkey noises and jump around like kangaroos just to get us to "smile"! The humans are sooo gullible.

Almost looks like a high dollar model photo shoot doesn't it!

Thanks to all the folks at Aviation Technical Services for letting us come by and check out the jets and equipment. It was a great time for all of us!!

Captain PJ signing off.

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  1. This is the best post ever!!!!!! Our pups are super and so are the humans.


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