Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TBG Bus Service

TBG had to do bus service today for Deb, so I convinced him to let me tag along. After we dropped Deb off at her meeting, TBG and I went out to Staples and K-Mart. Boy did we have some fun! We worked really hard on "up" today, as well as many others.

Can I pop the bubble wrap? Pa-leeeeeease?

This one's for Liza!

Yes, yes it was tight quarters!

I tried to get on top, but the man said...NO.

Where's PJ?

Ahhhhhh, a babbling brook.

I was able to relax...finally, as we waited for Deb's meeting to end.

I also got to meet some of Deb's fellow ISU folks. What a great way to end the day!!!!


  1. Darius here, looks like you had a very fun day. My week has been boring.............You know I had the "snip, snip" on Monday so Mom Debbie has just had me laying around the house. She has even been taking me outside on my leash to do my business. She said that I would have more freedom and get to go out on Saturday. I can't wait! The pain pills do make me want to sleep and snore. See you soon I hope!

  2. Definitely a Liza approved 'UP!' :D WTG Girlie!


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