Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday outing

Ames had a Dog Fair yesterday at the park, so we decided to check it out. Not a very big affair, but it was good to stretch the ole' legs!

After that, we headed up to the Mall where I got to go shoe shopping.

                                                                            Hmmm....sparkly or plain???

Shoe shopping can make a girl tired.

So, I got $2 off with a spin!

We stopped by the Hy-Vee on the way home so TBG could get some bacon. He was trying out a new recipe that Aunt Debbie sent him. Apparently, he liked it and I liked the smell of cooking bacon!!

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  1. I say a girl should always go for the sparkly ones! They would match your personality. Bacon, Bacon, wish I had some.............


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