Saturday, June 21, 2014

Had a fun filled day!

I  finally got to go back to Waterford and see my friends! I hadn't been there since TBG (The Big Guy) broke his ankle and was happy to return!

I think my friends were very happy to see me as well!

Oh Yes I Did!!!! I was showing them the "jump" command....yeah, that's the ticket!

Hello everyone.

I was playing a little "swing" music for my fans!

We stopped by K-Mart for a few items. TBG worked me some more and I got to talk about myself to a nice family with 2 small children...I love kids!!

Deb's neck was a little sore so I talked them into going for a massage at Serenity Couture at the Mall! I actually got to sleep for an hour. Thanks self...I needed that!

It was my treat, so I got to pay!

It sure was nice to see all my friends again. See you next time!

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