Sunday, April 6, 2014

What a GREAT Saturday!

Who knows what's in store for today, but yesterday was FAAA-UNNN!!

We went to training class in the morning where I got to sit and watch Darius do his puppy play thing and then went to a fire station in the afternoon.

We were welcomed by the firefighters at The City of Shawnee, Fire Station # 72. What a great place! We got to meet all the firefighters, their equipment, some big trucks...all kinds of really cool stuff!

                                                    We were out in force today. Muir, Pastel, Liza, Myself, O'Reily...

Daniel and Darius

Here's Pastel getting the truck ready to go. She was the honorary driver for the day!

Pastel, Liza and Me

We caught Liza taking a nap on the back of the truck...silly girl.

Here's LL Cool Muir just hanging out, what a ham.

This needs no description!

Who, Me?? What do you want?? Sorry, busy scratch'n an itch.

Liza day dreaming

Darius looks pretty comfy doesn't he?

Let's see how cute Daniel can be? On a scale of 1-10, that's a 12!

The 2 brothers, Daniel and Darius.

Darth, is that you?

Daniel (breathe) I AM you father...(breathe)

It's time to Roll with the Changes!

Liza says...Let's Roll!

Group shot of us pups with all the firefighters of Station # 72.

We would like to thank our great hosts at Station # 72!! We had a great time and hope that we can return again.

PJ and friends...Out.

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