Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy weekend

Hello all,

First of all just let me tell you, these women are crazy....I will explain.  Saturday morning when most people are resting after a hard week Aunt Linder had me up and out the door before 8:00am.  We had to meet Aunt Debbie at the car wash to get her car all cleaned up, she said something about dog hair........................We left her car there to let them try to clean it and headed to a place called The Corner Cafe for breakfast - they ate, I did not.  From there to the grocery store and then back to pick up Aunt Debbie's car.  Time for a break - oh no, not hardly.  Loaded me back in the car and off to Agility Class.  Home to let out the big kids and Darius to potty.  Nap time - noooooooo.  Aunt Linder needed some new jeans and tennis shoes.  To the Legends shopping center we went.  Do you have any idea how many stores carry shoes at the Legends?  Hundreds!  Unsuccessful in finding shoes she liked although  I saw several that I liked.  We did buy one pair of jeans.  

Home for dinner.  Can I rest yet?  NO - she and Aunt Debbie decided to go to Designer Shoe Warehouse at Zona Rosa.  Success, found a pair of shoes that she liked.  I finally got to rest and take a nap about 7:00pm.  Sunday, I got to rest all day.
Attached are some pictures of me in the yard with Darius and at Agility Class.  Aunt Debbie said I did really good.  The instructor loves me and I love her too.......she gives me special treats when I do something good.

Love, hugs and kisses,

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