Saturday, April 26, 2014

Darius and I rocked it at MetLife TODAS

Hi there TBG & Dr. No!

Darius and I rocked it at MetLife TODAS (Take Our Daughters and Sons) to work yesterday.  The little grasshopper and I showed off our mad skills (me more than him).  There were 18 kids and probably about 6 adults who were just mesmerized by us.  We gave them bookmarks and also cards with our names so they won't forget us.  After the Aunts demonstrated and answered questions we got lots of pets, hugs and love from the kids.  Then there was the smell of pizza, but we weren't allowed to have any - not fair after working so hard!!!!  We had to settle for Charlie Bears and Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits. The Aunts said that I performed if it's ever in question!

Aunt Debbie, Darius, Aunt Linder and I

It was the BEST day so far while interning at MetLife!

Love and miss you,


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