Thursday, March 13, 2014

TBG messed up big this time!

So yesterday TBG and I head out to a local park for a nice long walk and work with the playground equipment. It's going just fine until he misses the black ice while walking down the hill. Sadly, it did not end well for him. Luckily for him, I was the perfect pup and stayed by his side without pulling or lagging on the leash as he made his way back to the car (about 1/8 mile).

5 hrs later he arrives back home on crutches and says his right fibula has a clean break along with ligament damage. He goes in for surgery to put it all back together next week and will be laid up for some time.

On a good note, that means I get to spend some quality time in Kansas City with my Aunt Linder!! TBG didn't want me to miss out on my training and well, Aunt Linder LOVES me!

Aunts Debbie and Linder drove up towards Iowa today and picked me up at the State line. I'm gonna have sooo much fun with all my Kansas City pals! I'll try to keep the blog updated as time permits. Linder says I get to go to work with her...Yippeeee.

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  1. PJ was a perfect pup traveling back to Kansas City with the little man, Darius. Once home, Darius, PJ, Leitner, and Divot had quite a romp in the backyard. Then it was off to Aunt Linder's home for dinner, exploring, and finally bed-time. Had to get beauty rest as Friday was her first day to intern at MetLife with Aunt Linder. Hope TBG is doing good! There will be pictures from Kansas City.


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