Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kansas City International Airport training trip

When you hear humans talk about going to the airport, some of the words you don't hear are: "whooo hooo", yippeeee", "sounds like fun", "good times", etc... But, when you're an assistance dog in training, those are exactly the words that were spoken between us pups!

TBG and I drove down to Kansas City to meet up with my other CCI buds to do some training at the airport.

       When we arrived, big sis Pastel and Yegger were already there.

Practicing some tight stair work!

Baggage claim, those bags made a lot of noise when they dropped out!

Yegger asking why he can't pick up the red bag.

Showing Aunt Debbie how to do a proper "up".

Pastel was calling us a cab!

The "awesome threesome"

Pastel showing us how to do a great "under"

Roxanne even got a turn...I worked her pretty hard!

Here I am showing her how to walk through automatic doors.

Here's Yegger with Gary, our DHS host for the night. We gave him extra puppy lov'n!

Me showing Gary "visit"

Oh yeah...that's the spot!

Yegger doing another great "under"

I'll do an "up" on anything for a Charlie Bear!

Here's Linder and Yegger going through security.

Yegger was pretty tired!

The TSA agent that gave Yegger his pat down.

OK, my turn to go through security.

No sir, nothing in my pockets!

We were all laughing at TBG!

OK, you can mess with TBG, but you better not confiscate my treats buster!

Me and my TSA agent. He was laughing and I was trying to be serious.

Pastel going through security.

Yeah, that's the spot!

Hey TSA agent, I smell something!

TBG took Pastel through the second time.

Aunt Debbie worked with Yegger on trip # 2

My TSA agent on trip # 2

Pastel and her agent on trip # 2

Group photo at the end of the security screenings.

Group shots of puppy raisers, pups and volunteers of the Kansas City Chapter.

Heading home after a long night of training.

We'd like to thank Gary with DHS and all the airport folks and TSA agents in helping us pups become familiar with what happens in the airport. It was a LOT of fun and I think all involved learned a lot. I can't wait to see what's next!

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  1. You rocked it PJ!!! and thanks for wearing out Liza before all the airport fun.


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