Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nobody said Spring Break meant "Work"!

Hey, please explain this Spring Break thing to me...I thought it would mean playing, eating, drinking, sleeping in late, etc...But NO, not only am I an intern (not getting paid) at Metlife, but two days in, Aunt Linder enrolled me in an Obedience Class! I tried telling her that I was already obedient, but she insisted...saying something about TBG's wishes or some nonsense. On top of all that work, I was forced to watch Darius go through his baby class...Oh the humanity!

Oh look, Darius is being held...Ooooo tough job!

Alright, we're here, might as well work.

Yep, I'm paying attention!

Hey Linder, let's walk this a way!

My new (temp) training home

Hey Aunt Debbie, make sure you walk right next to me.

I believe I deserve what's in your pocket!!

Gimme a treat, come know you want too!

Look deep into my eyes, you're starting to feel like handing over all the treats!

OK, how about if I make my eyes glow?

Assistant Distribution Clerk/Greeter, Metlife (and apparently, a student once more)

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  1. PJ, you know you enjoyed laughing at the little ones trying to learn stuff! I saw many smirks on your face. Just remember, you were just like them at one time!!!!!


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