Saturday, February 1, 2014

ISU indoor track meet...Day 2

It's not often I get to do encore performances, but today was a great day!!

We went back to the track meet and Deb was able to come along. We worked on lots of commands and you want to talk about distractions, boy, there were lots of those!

                                                                            I worked on carts

Doing ups in scary places

Keeping calm when the starter's gun went off and then having the runners go flying by!

I convinced Deb that looking over the balcony was NOT scary!

Got to be my awesome self

Taught Uncle Doug how to walk on a loose leash!

and then gave him his "reward" treat!

I also got to talk more about myself and Canine Companions! I met one of the coaches for the Texas track team.

Here's me with Josh from North Dakota State University. Sure hope I brought you good luck today! 

After a couple hours, TBG said it was time to go. Hey, old don't need THAT to be loud!

I had a great time at the track meet today and was glad to see some friends from KSU and meet lots of new friends. See you all again next time!

PJ out

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  1. What a busy girl you have been Miss PJ! Great pictures and looks like you were having lots of fun.


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