Monday, February 17, 2014

February Graduation & Turn-in

What a week I've had! TBG and I left the comfort of our cozy Ames abode and headed to Kansas City last week. TBG said I was to be on my best behavior because we were going to Ohio and would be meeting the PRO trainers! He warned me that I would be experiencing a lot of "firsts" and would be tested to the extreme. Boy, was he RIGHT!!

We stayed at Gabe's house in Kansas City the first night and yes, we did play hard! Liza even came over for some play!! We play too hard for a camera to catch the action.

Liza and I

Got up early on Wednesday and headed out on the road. Gabe and I tried to play as much as TBG would allow (which wasn't much in the car for some reason!).

                                We laughed at Auntie Linder, she knows why!!

TBG jumped in and it became " The Day the Laughter Died"

Stopped in Terre Haute, IN for the night and got to talk to soooo many nice folks. I have to give props to the employees at the Hampton Inn, they were AWESOME!!

I went to my first restaurant outing at Bagger Dave's in Terre Haute. I heard the food was Fabulous!

I also got to practice sleeping...uhh, I mean...jumps on the bed.

We traveled the next day and arrived in Ohio just in time to go out again and eat at Old Bag of Nails in Delaware, Ohio. Boy was THAT fun! We had 13 pups in training and 1 service dog.

EVERYONE loved me!!

We'd like a table for 14 dogs please!

Got to enjoy Valentine's with all my peeps!

Here's Pastel and I at Graduation. I look like I have a GIANT head compared to my older Sis!

Aunt Linder, Debbie and Gabe III

Sandy and Kindy, Blue vest dogs rule!!!

Donna and Giovana

Tami and Galen

Galen II, Giovana and Gabe III, all turning in for advanced training! Good luck you three.

and for the ride Daniel

and Darius. The newest pups to join the Kansas City Chapter! Welcome aboard young ones.

TBG and I made it back to Ames last night. We are TIRED! Great people, great dogs and great times. Can't wait till the next one!

PJ out.


  1. Absolutely wonderful travelogue!

  2. PJ, you were the perfect house guest and travel partner! What fun we did have and yes we laughed at Aunt Linda, but we also laughed at your Dad!!!! Just ask him about car keys sometime. Thanks for all your help with the new little guy and also for helping us with Gabe's turn in. Love you little girl! See you soon I hope.


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