Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I graduated!

From my first obedience class that is!

I wasn't able to attend classes before now due to carrying a contagious virus to other pups. Nothing bad mind you, just didn't want any of my non-CCI pups to have to deal with it.

For the last 7 weeks I have been attending the beginning obedience class at Cyclone Country Kennel Club here in Ames. Our instructor was Linda and she fast became a good friend. Here I am showing her one of my favorite commands!!

Here's TBG doing what he does best........holding up walls!

How long you going to make me "stand" here buster?

Showing off my "trick"

TBG showing the "Butt" command. Ha ha ha ha ha.......what a goof!

While it looked scary at first, it was fun after a few times across.

We would have won the Relay if TBG had remembered to "return to heel position" instead of just walking backwards. It was HIS responsibility to give the commands. I DID MY part. What am I gonna do with this guy??

Oh well, I graduated DESPITE TBG!

Can't wait for the next class to start!

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