Thursday, December 19, 2013

I gave Santa my list!

I took my list of chew toys to the man himself. I sure hope he thinks I've been good enough this year!

We stopped and worked on "up" That was quite a stretch!

Here's one for Aunt Debbie

Maybe I can be in a calendar!

Another place to work on "up"

Remind you of a cartoon character??!

I think I look pretty nice with this pack.


  1. Gabe III here. I put in a good word with the man to give us good pups lots and lots of tasty treats............I am dreaming of them. I see TBG and Dr. No are still making you sit by those stuffed (not alive) things - how the heck do they expect them to play with us???? You are looking very good and I think you would make a great calendar pin-up girl!! Me, I think would be best on a fireman calendar!! Signing out for now..........................

  2. Hey PJ - hope you had a nice Christmas. That Santa looks a little cranky but I bet you still got some good treats. Jed and I got lots of toys and even a new cot for lounging on the patio this summer. Boy I cant wait until its warm again. This winter stuff is no fun. My paws are cold and my walks with Steve are not as long b/c we are both so cold. Take Care and stay warm. PK Out!


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