Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Weekend 2013

I have a lot to be thankful for this weekend! My friends drove all the way from Kansas City, MO to share some time with me. We had fun, practiced commands, played in the snow, and generally just worked hard and played hard. Here are some of our adventures!

Catch me if you can! We ran and ran and ran...
Sometimes we carried our outdoor play indoors. That got us into trouble. But, we just giggled behind our paws when we got yelled at and then went back to it!
Then we heard from Aunts Debbie and Linder that it was time to head to the mall. At first we thought we were going to use the bus stop like Dr. No...
We even thought Gabe could drive us there...
But of course, TBG was on old stick-in-the-mud and said we couldn't take the bus until we got the whole jump-up-in-the-back-of-the-SUV-thing down cold. Yea, we still need a little help with that. We are still just puppies you know!
So off we went to the mall. There were a lot of little ones there, as you might imagine.
And even pretty newly minted ones!
But big people liked us too!
While I was busy gettin' in some lovin' Gabe was busy taking advantage of the Black Friday deals!
However, those humans of ours kept getting distracted. Here they thought we could be live models in the window. I know! Can you believe what they make us do!

Then Aunt Linder and TBG got together and TBG was talkin' smack about my "heels" and "sides." Aunt Linder wanted to see what was up. Yea, TBG walked right into that one! I executed my commands perfectly with Aunt Linder, thank you very much. It was so fun to see Aunt Linder just shake her head at TBG!

All that hard work is tiring, so I thought I'd show up TBG and demonstrated a perfect under so I could get a few minutes of rest.
I was pretty excited when I heard the humans talking about going to see Santa Claus. It wasn't until we got home that I realized they actually said we were going to BE Santa Claus! Gee whiz!

Do you like me better as Rudolph or Mrs. Claus?
Like I said, I am very thankful this turkey weekend for my good friends: Leitner Dale, Divot, Gabey-baby, Auntie Debbie and Auntie Linder. I'm also thankful for my comfy bed--I'm exhausted!


  1. Gabe here...............I am speaking for the entire Kansas City crew. We had a super fantastic fun-filled time with you, TBG and Dr. No. Good food - well we just got our kibble and a very few treats, but, the humans said TBG is a pretty terrific cook! Love your yard, love your house, and especially love playing with you. I am not sure why the humans made us stop wrestling in the back on the car, I thought it was fun. We were really good in public don't you think? Signing off for now, I think I need another nap! XOXOXO, Gabe the Babe.

  2. P.S. I think we look stunning as Santa and Mrs. Santa. Just a note, if Leitner gets any more grey, we won't need the fake beard! HAHAHA..................Don't tell him I said that.

  3. Hey! I was wondering if you could email me so I could ask you a question about your dog.


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