Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spreading my Holiday Cheer

We went to the Mall today to see Santa's arrival (among other things). Boy, there were a LOT of kids! I thought my head was going to fall off from being on a swivel.

Here I am waiting on the Big Guy to arrive.

Once he arrived, I helped spread his Holiday Cheer!

We then went over to the jewelry store.

TBG and Deb got hungry, so I had to be quiet and calm.

Here I am working with a very nice couple at the shoe store. I think they liked me!! While I was working I think Deb bought some new shoes...again.

We left the Mall and stopped in at Chocolaterie Stam to see my good friend Ken and listen to him play.

Deb got a cup of REAL hot chocolate!

Ken & I

Hey do pups in training get tips for being so lovable??

and to top it off...Ken plays a song just for Moi

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  1. Did you help TBG buy Deb some fancy sparkles at the jewelry store to go with those new shoes? :D


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