Saturday, November 2, 2013

Call Me a Campus Canine

As you, my dear readers, are undoubtedly aware, I have been shackled in my activities due to a recent, although assuredly, routine surgery. Stitches come out next Wednesday, but my road to recovery has been such that TBG and Dr. No felt that I could benefit from a little R&R. As the scenery on campus, with the brick buildings, artwork, and in the fall, the turning of the leaves, are some of the reasons Iowa State University has been named one of the 25 most beautiful college campuses, I felt it was time to go see where Dr. No is spending so much of her time.

Here's an example of the turning of the leaves.

Aren't we cute together?

Hey....are those college coeds?

I don't know, either!

Here, kitty, kitty!

Now we really are cute together!

Who knew there were so many fun games to play on campus?  
My turn! Roll the dice!

Where's PJ?

Well, after all that excitement, we headed to where TBG spends most of his time: a certain hardware store! I am learning my public manners.

What do you mean I have to wait until I get home to take a nap? I'm only 6 months old you know--I'm exhausted!

Time to fall asleep to some college football on my comfy bed, in the sunshine, with Dr. No and TBG looking over me. Until next time, dear friends!


  1. Top of the steps, to the right of the doors........ Can't fool Aunt Debbie! Great pictures and so glad you had a good time on your field trip. Hugs to our sweet little PJ!

  2. Good to see how PJ is doing. She's a real sweetie. I am missing seeing her grow up. My how fast she is growing. I remember seeing her just shortly after arriving. Now she's in her big dog cape. Time goes so fast! I have to say I miss seeing the usual Halloween pranks and costumes. But I understand with her recent surgery, that was probably not possible. I hope she's healing nicely and will soon be her lively self. Give her a special ear scratch for me. (If you can! LOL)


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