Saturday, October 5, 2013

OK, so I had a good day too!

We made a run to the store looking to get some paint matched to do some house touchup. On the way there, I told Deb about a flyover I saw this past week while out running errands. I couldn't tell what it was, but knew it was a military aircraft from wars gone by.

Fast forward to going home today and as we passed the Ames airport, Deb noticed an open hanger and I caught a quick glimpse of that plane. We turned around and luckily, the owner/pilot was there having just returned from a flight.

This is a very cool T-34 owned and piloted by the inventor of the Kreg Jig (woodworking aficionados know this tool). He loves taking people with special needs up for fun flights!

It was cool to see the plane up close and talk to Craig. Thanks so much for what you do and spending time with Deb and I!

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PJ is so jealous that she was not there. Maybe next time little puppy!

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