Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hy-Vee and Petco

We went out for my first "real" trips into stores yesterday. Our 1st stop was the grocery.

                            Hey...anyone....I need some assistance using this device!

Here we are looking for toys.

Hey Deb, you want natural or sugar free applesauce?

Then we went to the grand opening of Petco! I was showing TBG how "springy" my rear is!

I got to meet Cy from ISU

Not sure about these little guys, the look a lot like my toys!

TBG said if I see these guys in the house, it's OK to eat them.


I find cats very strange.

How's this selfie?

Pretty pleaseeeee, can I have a new toy?

I have this "car" thing down!

and after a very exciting morning, I took a little Siesta. I love my bed! Notice I still have my ear to the ground in case I need to check on anyone.


  1. Great job. Nice jump into the car. Gabe is impressed but not enough to try it himself. We'll keep trying.


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