Friday, October 4, 2013

Not to toot my own horn, but....

TBG and I ran over to the Vet's office to get more medicine for these nasty brackwinkles on my face (yes, they are getting better and going away). After making the staff feel good and leaving another in awe at my mad skilzs, I talked TBG into letting me do a "car" command. I mean, I AM 5 months old and don't need help anymore.

So, without further you go Gabe!!

Oh yeah, I weighed in at 42.6 lbs.


  1. Well just let me say this, Gabe will get in the car for anyone else..................but his Mom's. Way to go PJ - you are just so smart. Gabe weighs 62 pounds and his rear is very heavy to lift in the car!

  2. Nice job PJ. Our boy is hopeless on getting in the car for one of us. Anyone else....not a problem.


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