Monday, August 19, 2013

Made a trip to Ohio

I finally got to see the training center in Ohio. Hopefully in 14 months, I'll be headed there again!

My predecessor in the Sellers household; Carver, graduated as a Service Dog this past weekend. I was not quite old enough to attend, but I did get in some quality puppy play time and time with lots of humans!

Hello kitty. She was unimpressed with me.

This shot sums up what Muir and I did for H O U R S!

Here's Gabe trying to eat me.

Where's the water? Hey, humans, I'm thirsty over here!

 I look good.

Finally got to meet one of Ansel & Carver's best friends!

Pups in training doing what they do best! Being GOOD.

I was really working my hang dog look. You'd be surprised how that draws em in every time!

Yeah, ummm...not sure what was going on here, but I doubt Deb approved!

TBG gave Aunt Linder a book of Carver pics. I thought we were gonna need a boat before the night was over.

Steve, Helen and Pluto (the star of dinner)

Group photo of dinner. We had a great time with the help of our superb waiter; Andrew. Boy was he impressed to watch Pluto work!

What the, how did I get up there???

We had a great time in Ohio! I was happy to see old friends and make new ones.

The trip home was not as pleasant, but (butt...I keed), I still got to meet Deb's sisters and their families. It seems I've had a bad case of EPS the last few days. TBG (and my Vet) says it's stress related. I have a clean bill of health and hopefully can "firm" everything up!

PJ blasting off.

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  1. Great time with you and you were quite the little trooper through it all. Well, except on the way home! Hope all is better and you are enjoying being home.


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