Saturday, September 28, 2013

Still Here

PJ here, just wanted to let all of my adoring fans and a certain basement dweller, that I'm still here and doing well. It's been hectic with all the moving and traveling going on and I haven't had much exciting news to talk about.

I did get to stay at Auntie Debbie's last weekend while TBG was off in Kansas picking up his beloved car. I had a good time in KC and even had a nice vibrating massage!

It's raining this morning and the humans have to go out and buy more house stuff, so...into the crate I go...again. See, I told you life is boring. Maybe I'll get to into the pool this weekend!! Ansel would be sooo jealous.

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  1. So glad to see your post! I really enjoyed your short visit in KC and we won't tell the big dogs how you go that vibrating massage!!!


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