Monday, September 9, 2013

Challenge Air 2013

TBG and I drove to Kansas City Saturday to help out with Challenge Air.

Let me just say that we had a lot of fun DESPITE the 100 degree temps!

Professor Winslow showed us pups what graduate dogs get to do. I so wanted to go, but I'm still to little.

Here's Winslow heading out to go for a ride in the twin prop plane. 

Here they are loading up.

and.....there they go! Lucky Dog!!

After their return, Winslow told us all about how awesome it was to fly!
Gabe got into the act and was showing some of his puppy awesomeness to a young man. You can see his big smile...that's the way us pups roll!

I wasn't able to mingle too much since I'm still pretty young, but I did convince TBG to let me meet the airport fireman. They even let me up on the rig.

Did I mention it was hot??

Thanks to all the folks at Challenge Air. We had a great time and hopefully, I can return next year.

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  1. It was hot! PJ, you were such a good girl and oh so cute!


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